Online Marketing Tips to Avoid for Tour Guiding Companies

The competition is now ever fiercer than before in the travel industry, with lots of options for consumers to choose from. Whether you are a travel agent, tour operator, or tour guide, you know by now how important online marketing is for your brand. It is now next to impossible not to have a website, and gone are the days when you knew your company could survive even without an online presence.

Adventure tour companies should market their services onlineThere are now millions of tour-guiding companies who are marketing their services online. If you are a tour-guiding company, you may be competing with hundreds of other companies who are offering the same services. It may be easy to set up an online account. However, to maintain it is challenging. You cannot simply set up an account and expect people to know about your brand. You have to go through the hard yards to set yourself apart from the rest.

You may have set up your tour-guiding company for a while now, but you still struggle with finding clients online. Getting clients offline still limits your growth as a company, so you want to extend your network online.

But if you are struggling with your online presence, where do you start? How do you improve your brand online without being too pushy or tacky?

There are many pieces of advice from the top-rated New York City SEO agency on the “must do’s” when advertising your brand online. However, there isn’t much of a discussion on the things you must avoid. Here are some things that you should avoid if you want to improve your online marketing strategies:

1. You don’t promptly answer social media queries

Setting up social media accounts is just the first step of the process. You must also post relevant and excellent articles to help build your audience. However, your online presence must not only stop with posting articles. Above all, you must be prompt with answering current and potential customers’ social media queries.

You must take the power of social media to your advantage by using this to build rapport with your audience. It must never take more than 24 hours for you to respond to queries. The quicker your responses are, the better it will be for your brand online. If anything, focus on encouraging people to send questions publicly in the form of posting comments, so you also get to show your professionalism and promptness. Consumers like it when a company goes out of its way to connect with them, so you must strive to be on their side.

Brochures are not enough to promote your adventure company2. You only focus on texts

If you are a tour-guiding company, visuals are crucial in marketing your brand. It is because you have to allow your audience to be at the moment by capturing the sights and sounds of what you want them to experience. Therefore, texts are not enough to advertise your brand. You also need to use the power of photos and videos to help your brand succeed. If you are not very good at making and editing videos, consider hiring a professional for the job. Producing a high-quality video is crucial in this day where competition can be intense among tour-guiding companies.

People love to travel, and you can thrive on this passion by using the power of online marketing to your advantage. Develop a set of goals that you want to achieve, and be realistic with reaching them.