Overcoming Meal Prep Challenges for Athletes

Professional athletes are often pressed in time to do domestic duties due to long training days and the need to relax once they get home. Usually, they spend the entire day outdoors for training, and on their off-days, they do light training like weights, yoga, pilates, and light aerobics. While the need to gain the best nutrition is essential, the main roadblock for athletes is time.

Protein shakes should not be your daily fuelAthletes usually sign up for meal delivery plans because they don’t have the luxury of time to do all the prep work for cooking at home. While meal deliveries work for a time, they put out the joy of cooking; thus, subscribers are not engaged so well with the cooking and eating process. You may be surprised to know that while athletes spend a lot of time for training, they also look forward to doing things hands-on in the kitchen.

Since athletes are into going for proper nutrition, knowing precisely what they put in their body is a prime priority. So, if all they do is to purchase meal plans and to wait for these dishes to get into their home, they end up being consumers who are blind-sighted by what they ingest. Of course, it is something that any athlete wouldn’t want to experience. Any athlete would never want to be forced to eat something that he/she does not know where it was sourced from.

Most athletes are their personal nutritionists, and most enjoy cooking at home. However, since they are pressed for time, they do not have the time to go grocery shopping, to prepare ingredients, and to do the cooking. The whole cooking process takes at least 30 minutes for each meal, so, it can be discouraging for athletes to spend this much time every time they prepare meals.

If you are an athlete, whether you are a professional or amateur, and you have the same meal preparation problems, here are some tips to help you overcome these challenges:

1. Prep all ingredients on your day-off

On your day-off, which is usually once or twice a week, you can use this time to prepare all ingredients that you need for your weekly cooking. Prepping up in advance saves you not only time but also money. Since you are planning your meals for the week, you get to list down all ingredients that you need, which then allows you to control your grocery list. Therefore, you get to budget your grocery bills which can save you hundreds of dollars when aggregated in a month.

Do your weekly meal plan, grocery list, shopping, and prepping on your day-off. All added up, and this can take half of your day. It may take a lot of time; however, you will be thankful for the long-term benefits of prepping up everything in one go.

To make things even more convenient, you can group the prepped ingredients depending on which recipe it is for. So, you can pack all ingredients and label them based on which day and meal it is for. Doing this saves you time and the hassle of having to sift through your fridge on which container is for which day.

Having kids in the house gives you more reason to do this advanced prepping on your day-off. Your kids depend on you for their meals, so make it a point to prepare fresh and healthy meals for your family. When you are time-crunched, you often have to resort to processed foods. But if you are an athlete, going for convenience will never be useful since it can affect your performance. And if you have kids, you must never allow them to go with processed foods if you haven’t had the time to prepare for meals. So, preparation is critical when you want to eat healthy yet short in time.

Fresh ingredients coming from meal kit services2. Sign up for meal kit delivery plans

We have mentioned that some athletes resort to meal delivery plans since they do not have the time to prepare meals at home. However, these types of plans do not last for long since the joy of cooking is put out the picture. You simply purchase a meal plan (Terra’s Kitchen $75 discount & review), wait for dishes to get delivered to your home, and eat what’s been prepared for you. Meal deliveries put you out of the picture in the entire cooking process and make you anything but the end-consumer in the food chain.

If you still crave for the cooking experience, but you don’t have the time for grocery shopping and ingredient preparations, you can go with meal kit delivery plans. These plans do not simply send you cooked dishes. For meal kit deliveries, you receive at your doorstep prepped ingredients, and all you have to do is to follow the recipe and to cook the dish. The time-consuming phase of grocery shopping and ingredient preparation has been done for you. What’s great, though, is the fun part of cooking is still something that you will have to do all by yourself. You can still say with pride that you do the cooking at home, despite all the challenges that you have to go through as an athlete, more so as a professional one.

It is difficult to be a professional athlete because of all the intense competition and training that you have to go through every single day. Nutrition is essential for you, so do not forget this part of your regimen. Find something that works for you on how you can better manage your meal planning at home, and do not forget to choose quality over quantity.